Stampin’ Up! Daisy Lane Giftcard Holder

Giftcard Holders on commission

Every so often I go to get a pedicure. The lady who does my pedicure really enjoys the small hand made gifts I bring for her. Last time I went, she asked me if I could make some giftcard holders for her vouchers. Of course I can do that.

The vouchers are bigger than a normal giftcard, so I had to adjust the pattern I usually use, but the principle remains the same: a small envelope, with a pop up giftcard inside. To make the slot for the voucher, I used the Classic Label Punch.

I used colors that resemble the ones in the voucher. To decorate the envelopes, I used the Daisy Lane stamp set and the Medium Daisy Punch and the Leaf Punch.

To keep the envelopes closed, I used a couple of velcro dots.

She really liked the envelopes. I hope the recipients like them as well.

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