Stampin’ Up! Beauty Abounds Butterfly Shadow Box

Treatboxes For Mini Kneipp Shower Bottle

Once in a while, I load a lot of my Stampin’ Up! products in my car and go and do some stamping with my sister and niece. As always, I like to make  them a treat bag or box. I have these mini Kneipp shower bottles and wanted to make a fancy box for them.

Measurements for a shadow box

I decided to make a shadow box. You can find many tutorials online, so all I had to do was figure out the measurements. I first made a sample one and when that fitted the bottle perfectly, I made this template.

I used a piece of cardstock of 7 1/4” by 9 5/8” and scored it on all four sides at 3/8” – 1 1/4” – 1 5/8” – 2 1/2”. On the 7 1/4” side, I also scored at 2 7/8” and 4 3/8”, just up to the second score line. Then I cut away all the shaded areas and folded and burnished all the score lines.

Assembling the Shadow Box

To assemble the shadow box, I put some glue on the outside strips on the long edges. The I folded the first and the third score line in and glued the strips to the inside. Now you have two sides of the box standing. On the short edges, do the same and add some extra glue to the inside of the diagonal parts. When you fold the short pieces in, make sure the outside strips stick straight. I carefully adhered the diagonal pieces to the sides. When the glue is dry, your shadow box is finished.


To close the shadow box I used a pies of Cardstock of 7 7/16” by 4 11/16” to form a belly band. To make sure the belly band has a tight fit, I first lightly folded the cardstock over the shadow box and then reinforced that fold by making a score line. If you do this with every fold and scoreline, one at a time, the belly band will fit perfectly. Using the Beauty Abounds stamp set, I stamped all over a piece of Whisper White cardstock, and cut it into pieces to mat all four sides of the belly band. On one of the sides of the belly band, I used some glue to attach both ends of the belly band together.

Using the Butterfly Beauty dies, I die-cut some butterflies from two matching colors of cardstock and adhered them to the front of the belly band. The sentiment “veel liefs” is from the sadly retired “In de bloemetjes zetten” (Petal Palette) stamp set.

I made two in Pink and two in Purple and my family loved them.


6 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! Beauty Abounds Butterfly Shadow Box

  1. Net gemaakt Miran, hij is goed gelukt. Echter er zit een fout in je beschrijving. Het stuk papier dat je nodig hebt om het doosje in te schuiven moet 7 15/16 bij 4 11/16 zijn….

    1. Leuk El, dat je ‘m gemaakt heb. En bedankt voor de correctie. Ik heb het meteen verbeterd. Ben heel benieuwd naar jouw versie. 😉

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