Stampin’ Up! Ride With Me 3D Truck Treats

Truck Treats

When I received the “Ride With Me” stamp set and “Truck Ride” dies, all I needed was a suitable occasion to make some Truck Treats. Luckily, my brother and his wife and son celebrate their birthdays in July. On the website of Sabines Kreativecke, I found a tutorial for this truck that I just had to make.

Four Pick-Ups

First, I die-cut four Pick-Ups in four different colors. To embellish the pick-ups I stamped, colored and cut out, the Windows, Wheels, Headlights and Grill and adhered them to the pick-ups, before assembling them. I used some wet glue and took my time assembling them.

Cover For The Loading Erea

Following the instructions by Sabine, I made four covers for the truck in matching colors. I stamped some sentiments on Whisper White cardstock and adhered them to the sides of the trucks.

Stampin’ Up! Parcels

Now All I had to do, was make some parcels, that fit inside the trucks.

Using some craft cardstock, I made small parcels of 1” x 1 3/8” x 1” and closed the top with the washi tape with the Stampin’ Up! Logo on it.

I love how the four trucks look. They are a great way to gift some money.

To gift the four truck together, I made a big box out of 2 A4 sheets of craft cardstock and again, closed the top with de Stampin’ Up! Washi tape.

The four trucks sit next to each other, and the letters on the top show the first letters of the names of my brother and his familie.

The trucks are so cute! 😍

My family really liked this original way of gifting birthday money.

I really love these trucks and just couldn’t stop taking pictures …

7 thoughts on “Stampin’ Up! Ride With Me 3D Truck Treats

    1. Dear Marina, how unfortunately that the instructions I referred to aren’t there anymore. If you have the “come ride with me” stamps and dies I can explain how to make the cover for the truck. Just let me know if you would like me to.

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